Lại sính ngoại :-)

Lại post thêm một bài phỏng vấn tôi trên  tạp chí LifeStyle. Lần này thì xài hàng ngoại, chỉ đưa bản tiếng Anh lên thôi nghen 🙂 (máu sính ngoại khó bỏ quá hè)

I start writing only when I am inspired to

By Ngo Le Kha

Dr. Le Dinh Phuong has just had his first autobiographical writing titled ‘The Last Patient Of The Day’ published, which has been nurtured for 10 years or so. This is the collection of his most pleasing articles posted on some newspapers on medicine, journals on travel and music. ‘The writing is just a shorthand memoir completed after years of slow thinking’, said its author.

Hi there, how can I address you – Doctor or writer Le Dinh Phuong?

I do not prefer to be called a writer. How embarrassing it would be! (Grinning). Just call me doctor. It’s my main job, you see.

You chose the title ‘The Last Patient’ for your collection. You mean to tell you’re an amateur writer to lessen the public strict criticism, don’t you?

Actually I didn’t think so when choosing a title. I have written so much on any topic that I like. Some writing is for me myself only while the other will be shared by friends. Even some pieces of writing are just the collection of trivial thoughts about the disorder ahead, and ‘The Last Patient Of The Day’ is one of the sort. It is also my favorite as it changes the way I think about life and death. So I chose it as the whole collection’s title.

Besides, only as a doctor can I talk about my patients and other medical matters seriously and professionally. Continue reading “Lại sính ngoại :-)”